Lao Friends Hospital For Children: Social Worker-Lao Citizen

The responsibility of the social worker is to identify patients and their families with difficult or complex social situations and advocate for them to assistance, including financial support, assistance with referrals and transport and other support as required. The Social worker will work closely with medical staff to create discharge plans and make referrals to other organizations, as well as coordinating and conducting follow-up visits with the outreach team. In addition, the social worker will evaluate the support provided to ensure that it is effective.

Specific duties:
1) Determine patients’ situations by interviewing them (including financial assessment) and assessing their medical, psychological, emotional, and social information.
2) Assess patient’s specific needs, situation, strengths, and support networks to determine their goals and ways to assist with their fulfillment.
3) Assist in patient counselling for the testing, diagnosis and ongoing management of conditions such as HIV and tuberculosis and other chronic illness, assisting the patient and their family to liaise with the relevant clinics and services.
4) Develop management plans for patients and work with the LFHC multidisciplinary team and other external organizations and facilities to implement them.
5) Support for referral: communication with other medical facilities, prepare necessary documents and transportation and provide post referral follow-up by phone or home visit.
6) Provide financial assessment: identify financial support needs for patients from the hospital.
7) Help clients adjust to changes and challenges in their lives: new diagnoses, treatment options, family structure, and financial burden.
8) Advocate for and help patients receive appropriate resources that will help to improve their well-being; for example, assistance from government departments, schools, and other organizations.
9) Follow up with patients to ensure that their situation has improved and they are receiving adequate support and care following discharge from hospital.
10) Evaluate the care and services provided to ensure that they are effective


1) Qualification in social work or related field
2) Experience in working as a social worker, preferably in a health-related field
3) Be enthusiastic, motivated and driven
4) Be honest and trustworthy.
5) Be creative and flexible at work.
6) Excellent interpersonal skills
7) Be able to work both independently and as part of the multidisciplinary team
8) Excellent planning and reporting skills
9) Computer skill (Word and Excel)
10) Fluent in English
Highly desirable: 1) Experience in management of a small team
Please send you application to including you CV and cover letter
Deadline: Apr 19th 2018

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